Time Travel

The Highwayman's Grace  

Grace Blackstone never wanted to be a time traveler.  She also didn't want to be abandoned within reach of a notorious highwayman.  A chance meeting with the outlaw leaves her vulnerable to more than her new ability.  Having seen behind the wanted man's mask, Grace is confused to find another man claiming to be her rescuer. 

Highwayman Ethan Tanner has one goal in life, to destroy Bennett Brown.  He has faced gunmen and braved the elements, but a young woman who seemingly appears out of nowhere terrifies him.

A rainy night brings Ethan and Grace together in more ways than one.  She will have to trust him with her secret and he will have to trust her with his life, but are they willing to release their pasts in order to have a future together?


Pursuing Honor

Hunter Morgan is intelligent, handsome, and in love with Honor Moran.  She has never given any indications that she would accept his marriage proposal, but medical school is over and Hunter needs to make his intentions known.  All set to pop the question, he sees her nervously enter a dark alleyway known for ruthless activity.  Hunter fears for her safety, and charges into the shadows after her.  How could he know that his chivalrous act would launch him two hundred and fifty years into the past?

Honor had no idea it was possible to bring someone along with her when she traveled through time.  She never wanted to hurt anyone during her stay in the future, especially Hunter.  For two years, she has evaded his good looks and attention, but now, he lays unconscious at her feet, and has no way to return to his time.

Thrown back to a time as foreign to him as the means in which he got there, Hunter is determined to prove he is suited for anything as long as he has Honor's heart.  Her growing feelings for him are threatened when her mysterious sister interrupts their chance for happiness.  Honor will stop at nothing to prove her love for Hunter.  And Hunter, he may have won the heart of the woman he loves, but is he willing to stay in a time that is not his own?

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Faithfully Yours

Time traveler Faith Valentine’s wedding night promises a lifetime filled with love and happiness. Little does she realize, the passion that brought her and Aidan together will also rip them apart.

Aidan Valentine has a modest farm, a beautiful wife, and a neighbor who has too much interest in both.  Faith has entered his life on more than one occasion, but the truth behind her odd disappearances leave him shocked and confused.

Wrenched from her husband on the happiest night of her life, Faith is thrown back in time to a cruel, past life.  A family legacy she can’t control is her only hope of returning to Aidan.  Faith will stop at nothing to return to the man she loves, even if it will kill her. 

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Candace Pearce said...

Faithfully Yours was SUCH A TREAT! I've just finished reading it after being lucky enough to discover it free on Kindle...never read any of your books before so decided to try it as the "time travel" synopsis piqued my interest! Not since Audrey Niffenegger's "The Time Traveler's Wife" (2003) have I read and enjoyed a time travel romance as much! Immediately after I finished the last page and then read the free excerpt of Book 2 in the series did I search Kindle in order to purchase the second book. Not finding it, I then checked out your website hoping against hope I'd be able to secure a copy but alas, I find it is not yet released! Such frustration! It is very seldom that I am compelled to read Part 2 of a series and be willing to pay ANY AMOUNT for it! When will Book 2 in the series be released??
I can't wait!!!

Carol Spradling said...

Hi Candace,

It's great to meet you. I'm so thrilled you enjoyed Faithfully Yours. I am currently hard at work on Honor's story in Pursuing Honor. I have to tell you, your comment has inspired me to work that much faster. Thank you for your kind words. It's really nice to hear positive feedback from readers. I anticipate a release date for book 2 around the first of the year. I think you will enjoy this story just as much, if not more than book 1. (Shh, don't tell Faith.) I hope to have the cover for book 2 up sometime in December.