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Here's another chance for an audiobook!  In the book Redcoats and Sleigh Bells, what is the hero's profession?  Email me at with your answer.  The first three correct responses WIN!

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New Book Release by Susan Horsnell

My friend, and Australian author Susan Horsnell has a brand new book, Blind Achievement.  You won't want to miss the sequel to Blind Acceptance.

A little about Susan:
I grew up in the Western Suburbs of Sydney in the 50's and 60's.

My parents are originally from the Newcastle-Under-Lyme area of England and came to Australia in 1952 as £10 poms. They came under a migration scheme to help Australia with workers.
My father was a Painter and Decorator and I was the eldest of five children.

I met my husband, Robert, in 1973 and we married in March 1974; we were both 18 years old. We have two wonderful sons, gorgeous daughters-in-law and five incredible grandchildren. We have been extremely blessed.
I was a Nurse, a career that spanned more than 35 years. During my career I specialised in caring for people with Alzheimer’s type Dementia, an area that fascinates me despite how heartbreaking it can be. My dear father-in-law is unfortunately afflicted with this disease and now resides in a Nursing Home. In the not too distant future I am hoping to pen a novel incorporating some of the stories I have heard from these amazing people. Part of my career was with the blind and I also cared for severely disabled children for a while too.
When I retired 4 years ago I decided it was time to get the stories out of my head and onto paper. From there I just hoped my stories were interesting and well written enough to attract readers.
It is difficult being a new author now that anyone can publish a book. I can understand readers’ reticence to read Indie authors but hopefully they will give people like me a chance. I find as an avid reader, you can be pleasantly surprised most of the time. I can’t imagine sticking to just one or two authors and just because an author has a publisher doesn’t make them good. I have certainly read some terrible books which have been published by some of the largest companies.
I do hope readers enjoy my books and would love them to leave reviews.

Phillip Johnson has been blind since the age of six after sustaining a head injury in a wagon accident.
Growing up on a ranch outside of Austin hasn't been easy for the young man but he has thrived with the loving help of his Step-Mother, Rachel, and the faithful support of his father, Luke.
At 18 years old, he has made the decision to head to Macarthur to attend the Wyoming College for the Blind. He plans to study Civil Government Law and Political Economics.
It is here that he meets Belinda and he falls deeply in love with her. Belinda hides a dark and dangerous secret.
A ruthless man is obsessed with owning her. This threat has the power to ruin their relationship and put their lives in jeopardy.
Can they overcome such obstacles and find happiness together?

..........It had been a long day and he tapped his way back to his room. He was startled from his thoughts by an ear piercing scream. Coming to an abrupt stop he listened. Sounds of a scuffle and banging came from what he knew was a classroom ahead. He approached and threw open the door without hesitation.
“What the hell? Get out!” a gruff voice bellowed.
“Please help me.” A girl’s agonized plea tore at his heart.
“What’s going on?” Phillip demanded to know.
“None of your damned business, half-wit. Get out.” Phillip could not place the voice.
“Let me go,” she screamed again.
“Let the young lady go.” Phillip said angrily. “Come here to me Miss.”
He could hear her struggling to get free.
“I have asked you to let her go. I will not ask again.” Phillip loaded his voice with menace.
The man guffawed. “Do you really think a blindy like you can stop me?”
Phillip used the man’s voice to help him move closer.
The girl took advantage of her captor being distracted and bit down hard on his arm. He yelped with pain, and she wrenched free of his grip and launched herself into Phillip’s arms.
The air rushed from his lungs as she collided with his chest. He wrapped his arm protectively around her trembling body as she sobbed into his shirt.
Phillip lifted his cane as a warning for the man not to approach. “I am taking her to speak with Mr Carver. I expect he will also want to speak with you.”
The girl in his arms continued to tremble and sob.
“Come with me. We’ll ensure this never happens again,” he told the girl gently.

Book:  Blind Achievement.
Sequel to Blind Acceptance which received a 4 1/2 star review and a Crowned Heart Award from InD'tale Magazine, October 2013

Author: Cindy Nord

When it comes to Historical Romance, author, Cindy Nord can tell a story so vividly you will smell the canon fire.  I'm thrilled she has taken time to share a little of her backstory with us.

For new readers—what can they expect when they read your book(s)?
Ooh, that’s a lot to cram into one answer. Well, let’s see: My bestselling debut novel, NO GREATER GLORY, is an epic tale woven around the backdrop of the tumultous American Civil War.  Ordered to commandeer a Virginia plantation for his regiment’s 1862 winter encampment, Union Colonel Reece Cutteridge comes face to face with a rifle-wielding Southern belle. Though he takes her gun, she’s the one who does the disarming. Years after the death of his family, Reece hides his anguish beneath an icy mantle of command. He’s not prepared for a wisp of a woman to upend his heart, his career and possibly even his life, yet that’s exactly what she does. Emaline McDaniel displays a defiance born of desperation. The death of her husband years earlier forced the plantation’s responsibilities onto her shoulders, and its management now anchors her life. Daily routines have become the ‘child’ she never had…and no mother gives up her child without a fight. While the war outside suspends under the wickedness of winter, inside the mansion battle lines are drawn. Reece is frustrated to find himself a co-conspirator in Emaline’s plan to free her Rebel brother from Union imprisonment, and Emaline is no happier to realize she’s weakening under the inexorable pull of Reece’s self-sacrificing honor. The biggest challenge for both of them, though, is learning to let go of the past in order to find true forgiveness and that everlasting gift called love. NO GREATER GLORY, also earned a spot as a Romance Writers of America Golden Heart® finalist. My background as a Victorian lecturer, a former Civil War Re-enactor, and an 1860s fashion historian informs this tale of redemption and love. I’ve taken great care to wrap Reece and Emaline’s love story within a richly-detailed, historical canvas. This is their hard-won journey to happily ever after.  And I’m also pleased to share NO GREATER GLORY is a USA Today Lifeblog ‘Recommended Read’ and for 11 ½ months was the #1 Civil War Romance at Amazon. 

That's fantastic!  How do you balance writing with the rest of your life?  
That’s a great question, Carol! Well, between taking care of a household, a husband, two Shelties & a kitten, I’ve found that spending the morning on social marketing, and devoting the afternoon to writing, works best for me. I do sometimes write in  the evening or the weekends, if the muse is willing.

If she's anything like mine, she can be fickle.  Can you describe your writing space?
I have an entire room devoted to my writing office. The hubster built a wonderful wrap-around desk which occupies the center of the room. My computer sits on one corner and all my books, reference materials, writing awards, and memorabilia occupy all four walls. It’s my haven, the place where all my dreams come true.

What you are most passionate about outside of writing? 
The hubster, who is my hero in every single way. But, I also love gardening, bicycling, walking the dogs, traveling to historical places, and of course, my family and my grandchildren…truly gifts in every single way. ♥

What genre(s) do you write? Why do you write the stories that you write?
I write Historical Romance. I have always enjoyed reading about the Victorian time period. As a speaker on ladies fashions from that era, weaving the elements of these details into my love stories is what brings each scene to life for me.   

Do your characters come to you first, or the plot, or the world of the story? Characters breathe into existance first. From there, I determine the storyline that I will use to wrap around these charasmatic and imaginary people.  

What sets your books apart from other authors?
I’ve been told quite often that I create strong, complex, believeable characters set against a vivid and detailed historical backdrop. I want everyone to feel as if they are standing right there beside the hero or heroine as they work their way through each conflict or situation. Also, powerful emotions drive all my stories forward; some call it PINK writing. I call it angst. But whatever word one chooses to use, I want my readers to care about these characters long after they’ve finished reading my work.

Out of all the characters you've written, who is your favorite and why?
This is almost an impossible question to answer because they all own a chunk of my heart. However, I suppose Callie Cutteridge (the heroine in my soon-to-be released book WITH OPEN ARMS) tugs the hardest on my heartstrings. She’s a hellion who is so afraid of loving again. Afterall, loving means losing, to her it always has…♥

Can you share a little of your next novel?
“WITH OPEN ARMS”, an historical romance set in the southwest desert of 1866, follows two strong-willed people as they discover the truest test of strength lies in learning how to trust. Callie Cutteridge, a tart-tongued survivor left in charge of the family ranch after her brother rode eastward five years earlier to fight for the Union Army, has managed the business without anyone’s interference. Hardened in childhood by the death of her parents, she now hides her heartbreak behind a mask of self-sufficiency. Breaking horses and selling them to the U.S. Army proves she’s neither delicate nor helpless, and she finds strength in her self-enforced isolation. When a former Union Cavalry officer arrives claiming to have purchased her brother’s half-interest in the ranch—it shatters her last ties to her family and she explodes…she has no intention of allowing an arrogant stranger to govern a single aspect of her life. Scion of a Philadelphia banking dynasty, Jackson Neale misses nothing about high-society except its agreeable, feminine women. His new partner isn’t the alluring angel his former commander, Colonel Reece Cutteridge, led him to believe…but he’s damn well not the useless rake this hellion thinks he is either. For months, he’s looked forward to putting distance between himself and the bloodstained battlefields back east, and arriving at the ranch only to engage in more fighting is nowhere on his agenda. Though he finds his partner’s defiance insufferable, the closer Jackson gets to Callie, the more enthralled he becomes by her.  But his quest to find calm stability contradicts sharply with her distrust of “forever”. For Callie, loving means losing--yet still their heartstrings tangle. Passion soon ignites. But how can they transform their hunger into a happily-ever-after when all Callie knows how to do is fight…and all Jackson wants is peace?

Where can readers find more information on you?
My website is And on M-F mornings, I enjoy chatting with my readers and friends on Facebook at my affectionally called Coffee Klatch where I share tidbits of history, recipes, current events and other items of interest. I’m also active on Twitter @cnord2, as well as on LinkedIn.

Cindy, Thank you so much for stopping by.  I can't wait for your next release.

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Are you ready for a chance at another audio book? (If you've already won, try again for another book.)  What are the names of the hero and heroine in For Mercy's Sake?  Email me at with your answer. The first three correct responses WIN!

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Author: Leanne Tyler

If you have be cautious to read an American Hisorical Romance novel, you have to read one of Leanne Tyler's books.  She will make you a fan within a few words.

Leanne, for new readers—what can they expect when they read your book(s)?
I hope they always find an entertaining, well written story that grabs their attention from page one and doesn’t let go until they finish, making them want to read my next book.

That's how it's been for me.  How do you balance writing with the rest of your life?
It isn’t easy. I try to write of the mornings if possible, but that doesn’t always happen during the week. Saturdays I get up early and write while the house is quiet before I begin my laundry.

Chores refuse to be overlooked, don't they?  Can you describe a typical writing day for you?
A typical writing day begins with me waking up and thinking about my storyline. I’ll imagine a scene in my mind while I shower and get ready for work, maybe even find my mind on it as I’m driving to work (kinda dangerous I know, but I haven’t had a wreck). Then when I reach my office I hurry and type the words into my document before beginning work. Mind you, this may be be a scene at most or just a few paragraphs. Sometimes if I’m eating at my desk I’ll have a few minutes I can devote to my story on my lunch break, othertimes I have to wait until I get home in the evenings to work. Other days I may feel stuck and I’ll spend time rereading the story from the beginning to make sure I have the story correct in my mind before going on. This sometimes prompts me to flesh out a scene or layer in more details. I’ll also catch typing errors doing this so it serves as copy editing too.

Can you describe your writing space?
At the present time my writing space is my laptop in my living room. I have a laptop stand that I use and I’m either on the couch or sitting in the arm chair. I have a lovely view out my window that I can watch the birds or squirrels play in my large front yard if I choose. 

That sounds lovely.  What you are most passionate about outside of writing.
Family and friends. Spending time together. I also enjoy reading.

What genre(s) do you write? Why do you write the stories that you write?
I write American historical romances as well as contemporary romances. My first passion is historical romances. But I have a romantic comedy series that I have Indie Published that is doing very well. As for why I write what I do, it is because the characters tell me their stories and I must share them with my readers.

Do your characters come to you first, or the plot, or the world of the story?
Each story develops differently. Sometimes it will be a name. Other times I might get a title of a story first. And sometimes my muse likes to surprise me when I least expect it —like a dashing thought runs through my head as I crawl into bed, so I have to get up and write it down.

Night time seems to be a muse's favorite time of day.  What sets your books apart from other authors?
My voice and my style of writing. However, according to my mother —who has developed a passion for reading since she retired in 2012—Debbie Macomber and I have ruined her for other authors. She claims I engross her from the first word.

That's high praise.  How do you go about developing your characters?
My characters tend to develop as I write the story. I’m not a big plotter. I try to plot, but I find I do much better to let the story flow onto the page and then analyze or structure development from that point.

Out of all the characters that you've written, who is your favorite and why?
In my historical romances there is always a wayward character, whether it is Rory Hollingsworth from Because of Rebecca, or Gregory Walters from To Catch a Duke, I really enjoy writing these bad boys storylines. I’m looking forward to spending a whole book where they are the heroes, so if you find you love them too, be on the lookout.

Can you share a little of your current work?
Currently I’m working on a contemporary Christmas novella that I hope to have finished in time for the holidays. Though it is coming together slowly at the moment I have a feeling once I get to a certain point it will write itself from there.

I’m also working on an American historical that is a sequel to my Christmas Time Travel Season of Love that was published by The Wild Rose Press.

Where can readers find more information on you?
Twitter: @leannetyler

Can you list all your book titles so people can look for them?

ISBN 1601545754

"Fairytale Bride" by Michelle Chambers
A wish on a blue moon whirls skeptic Maddie Elliott back to Regency England and into the arms of the despicable earl who can make her hidden fairytale dreams come true.

"Isabelle and the Outlaw" by Loretta Rogers
Drawn to 1870 Yuma by an Apache shaman's spell, Isabelle Landers rescues a condemned man from hanging. But is the dark-eyed outlaw as innocent as he claims?

"Victory's Gate" by Leanne Tyler
Left standing at the altar, Victoria Hamill's solo honeymoon trip transports her to Civil War-era Charleston, where she defiantly nurses a wounded Union soldier back to health.

"Sundial" by Carrie Lofty
Modern girl Amber Schulman arrives in 1958 Sorrento, Italy, and meets a fellow time traveler who's also eager to return home--but he's from 1987, the era of cassettes and Reaganomics!

, ISBN  160154927X

A nasty fall and an antebellum dress changes Holly Marcum's life forever. Once she is revived, nothing is familiar.... The dress shop, her meddling aunt, and life as she knows it have all vanished. Instead a handsome stranger confronts her and accuses her of theft.

One moment Jeremiah Devereaux was in his store room alone, and the next a strange woman appeared wearing a gown specially ordered for one of his wealthiest clients. Is she a vagrant or a thief, and how on earth did she get there? When Holly suddenly falls ill, Jeremiah's sister insists on taking her in and caring for her.

Can he risk the beautiful stranger staying under his roof--or will he lose more than his merchandise'

Buy Links:
The Wild Rose Press:
Barnes & Noble:

Book 1 The Good Luck Series

Can a love charm help two business rivals overcome their differences and find true love?

Keely Jones believes all she wants in life is a successful advertising career and a corner office. However, that all begins to change when she bumps into a Frisbee player while jogging with her dog. When she’s given a good luck charm she’s skeptical about the magic of true love or finding her soul mate. But when things start to heat up between her and Darren, can she truly ignore it? Or will he be the one man who can ruin her career?

Darren Wright has returned to Knoxville to regroup and to join his sister’s advertising agency. He isn’t looking for anything major to happen in his life, yet when he bumps into a cute brunette and her dog, things begin to change. He’s soon promoted to Creative Director and falling for Keely. How can he tell her he works for an opposing firm? And if he doesn’t, will he risk losing her for good?

Buy Links:

Book 2 The Good Luck Series

Jama Wright is a workaholic. The last thing she wants is to be given the responsibility of taking care of her new sister-in-law Keely’s overweight bloodhound, Duke, while Keely and Jama’s brother, Darren, are on their honeymoon. Jama agrees on the condition that Darren covers for her at her ad agency later that summer so she can take a much needed, overdue vacation. When given a good luck charm, Jama doesn’t want to buy into its acclaimed powers, but she’s superstitious enough that she doesn’t want to mess with fate. Little does she know that Duke will be become ill and she’ll meet the one guy that could change her outlook on life forever.

Kyle Landers is a carefree guy. He loves working with animals and that’s why he became a veterinarian. When he gets an emergency call about his patient Duke, he immediately goes to check on the overweight bloodhound. Meeting the dog’s temporary caregiver, Jama, he finds himself attracted to her, despite his resolve to avoid entanglements with beautiful women. His former relationship with Carol had proved women in pretty packages weren’t to be trusted. Can he overcome the memories of Carol’s manipulation? And if he can, will Jama prove she’s nothing like Carol?

Buy Links:

Book 3 The Good Luck Series

How much trouble can a little bottle and a good luck charm get you into?

Sue Charles is having second thoughts after accepting a good luck charm from Lucinda, a mysterious Cajun acquaintance who insists the amulet will reveal Sue's true love. Every indication is that the charm has singled out Alex Jones as Sue's soul mate, but how's a girl to know for sure? Can the gris-gris really work its magic for her or is she simply fooling herself?

After spending three years in Alaska, Alex Jones returns to Tennessee eager to settle back into his old ways. But when he meets Sue Charles, his previous bachelor days no longer seem all that appealing. He'd love to build a new life around a relationship with Sue, but he's worried about the consequences when things move too fast too soon. After all, his godmother did give him a good luck potion to carry around. What if his feelings are just a result of the Cajun woman’s mumbo jumbo?

Buy Linkls:

American Heroes Series
Rebecca Davis promises to raise her dying sister’s newborn son as her own.  She also agrees to help a female slave reach freedom. It’s the right thing to do but can she trust her fellow conspirators without endangering her future or her son?  Her handsome contact, Jared Hollingsworth, won’t discuss their mission, but her attraction to him has Rebecca fearing she will endanger  not only her freedom –but her heart.
Jared Hollingsworth refuses to use slave labor. Despite this sentiment, he’s been able to keep his plantation going, even while mourning  the death of his wife and son. Now, thanks to his notorious cousin, Jared is in danger of losing Oak Hill. When he meets Rebecca Davis, he isn’t ready to love again, but she may be just what he needs to save his home and his heart. When he discovers Rebecca embroiled in a conspiracy, will he follow his heart and dare to love again? Or will he risk her heart to save his beloved plantation?
Buy Links:
The Wild Rose Press:
Barnes and Nobel:

Ebook Titles
Through the Garden Gate Series

Left standing at the altar, Victoria Hamill decides to spend her honeymoon trip in Bury, Lancashire alone. However, when she finds a hidden gateway in the garden she’s transported in time to war torn Antebellum Charleston, SC. Going against convention and her assumed families wishes, Tori nurses an injured Union Captain back to health and finds her heart nurtured as well. Unsure of how she’d gotten there or when she’d return to present day, Tori decides to live for the moment and follow her heart on this path to new love.

Buy linkks:
The Wild Rose Press:
Barnes and Nobel:

Class of ’85 Reunion Series

Retired Staff Sergeant Seth Roberts returns to Summerville to begin the next chapter of his life. To do that, he needs to find out why his girlfriend married another man more than twenty years ago while he served in the Persian Gulf. Their high school reunion is the perfect place to confront Elyse Jordan.

Determined to be a strong role model for her daughters, Professor of Feminist Theory Elyse Jordan never talks about the loss of her only love twenty years ago. Caring for her mother during cancer treatment brings Elyse back to Summerville, the one place she avoided after Seth’s death. When an invitation to her twenty-fifth reunion arrives, she decides to go and reconnect with lost friends. She never imagines she’ll come face-to-face with Seth instead.

Can Seth and Elyse find the thread of love that bound them together or will past tragedies and misunderstandings keep them apart?

Buy Links:
The Wild Rose Press:
Barnes and Nobel:


Penelope Anders can't cook, yet she writes the very successful Country Kitchen Cooking blog for the Southern Cooking Channel. Everything is going fine until she's informed that the new CEO ran a contest giving one lucky winner the opportunity to spend Christmas with her at the Anders farm in Crater's Corners, Tennessee. But there is one big problem. Penelope doesn't own the Anders farm anymore. Derek Smythe does. And she still hadn't forgiven him for buying the place.

Derek Smythe needs a new roof and a new septic system at the farm so he can sell the place and move on with his life. When the producer for the Southern Cooking Channel shows up wanting Penelope Anders to return to the farm to fulfill a contest he believes his prayer has been answered and agrees for the price of the repairs. The producer calls his bluff and agrees. But is he ready for Penelope Anders to walk back into his life only to walk out again?

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Love Letters Series
(also available in audio)
Can a clueless matchmaker and a literary scholar find happiness when she breaks her promise to him?
Ava Monroe loves matchmaking and even though she promised her best friend John she’d stop, she can’t. Determined to find her new friend Jayne a suitable mate, Ava even contemplates matching her with John.
John Franklin wishes nothing more than to marry Ava, but she is too engrossed in her mischief to see his love. Taking matters into his own hands, John attempts to foil Ava’s match for Jayne by proving love is better left to fate than a matchmaker.
Buy Links:
The Wild Rose Press:
Barnes and Nobel:


Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. Your books bring this era to life, and I'm so glad to have you telling stories that are enjoyable and exciting to read.