Monday, September 16, 2013

Author: Michael Charton

I would like to introduce Historical Fiction author, Michael Charton.

Welcome, Michael.  I'm so excited for you to share information about your latest book.

For new readers—what can they expect when they read your book(s)?
I write mostly Historical Fiction (one romance, one futuristic mystery and anothor mystery about to be published).  I want my new readers to do the following:  Let their imaginations soar with mine.  I am friends with many of my readers.  It’s important for me not just to speak with people to sell my books.  I’m not the only author out there; nor the center of the universe.  In most of what I write, even if the subject is serious, I make sure there is humor.

I'm intrigued already.  How do you balance writing with the rest of your life?
All writers have to have some balance.  I go by feel and work it out.

Can you describe a typical writing day for you? 
On a work evening, I normally work on my blog or edit.  Weekends, I write on and off.

Describe your writing space.
Anywhere I can.  Can sit in a lotus position with a laptop.  I realized I can live almost anywhere, just give me electricity and a laptop.  My wife swears if, God forbid, she dies before me, I will just go be a Buddhist monk and live simply.  What do condos in Lhasa, Tibet cost anyway? 

Ha ha.  I'll give you my realtor's number.  What are you most passionate about outside of writing. 
Baseball and History.

I knew there was a reason I liked you.  What genre(s) do you write, and why do you write the stories that you write?  
I write Historical Fiction and Mystery.  My first book was about Sherlock Holmes’ nemesis Professor Moriarty, from Moriarty’s point of view.  I took a chance and wrote it in first person.  My second book has been described as humorous Women’s Fiction.  That book was written on a dare.  Book three is my futuristic mystery.  Remember the crazy astronaut who drove from Houston to Orlando to confront her ex boyfriend's new flame?  I went one step further and turned it into a mystery in space.  The next book is Historical Fiction, taking place in East Africa, paralleling Henry Morton Stanley finding Dr. Livingstone.  Then I wrote a Historical Murder Mystery about the mummy Otzi, the Iceman found in the Alps.  I have another mystery coming out soon that is two female Manhattan detectives and a dead opera diva.

Wow, I love your spectrum.  Do your characters come to you first, or the plot, or the world of the story?  
It varies from book to book.  Mostly my whims.

What sets your books apart from other authors? 
I’m going to sound like Popeye now.  I am what I am and that’s all that I am.  I would have to say my off the wall sense of humor.

How do you go about developing your characters? 
It varies from story to story.

I can imagine.  Out of all the characters that you've written, who is your favorite and why?  
The book I just finished.  My sassy New York Detective Rosalie Grimaldi.  Why?  Because she’s sassy and sarcastic in a Bugs Bunny sort of way.  (Her nickname is Bugs).  She is caring, gets the job done, and smart.

I can't wait to read it.  Can you share a little of your current work? 
It is not published yet.  The title is A Night at the Opera.  My lead detective is at a performance of Tosca at the Metropolitan Opera.  Yes, the opera was over and the fat lady didn’t sing.  I said it for you.

Ha ha.  I love your wit.  Where can readers find more information on you?
My blog is the best place to find my silly musings.  I am an Author, I Must Auth.  Yes, it is silly.  Google that and you will find me.  I am on Twitter; my handle there is Tucsonmike.  I am on Facebook under my regular page Michael Charton, Author Michael Charton, Reading History Like a Novel, Moriarty, The Life and Times of a Criminal Genius and Otzi’s Murder.

Can you list all your book titles so people can look for them?
Moriarty, The Life and Times of a Criminal Genius, An Affair of the Heart, Griffith Justice in Space, The Search for Livingstone, The Search for Otzi and soon A Night at the Opera.

Michael, you are a man of many talents.  Thank you so much for sharing with us today.  Your books sound fascinating, and I'm excited to read more!

Thank you Carol for your kind invitation!

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