Monday, September 9, 2013

Author: Joyce DeBacco

I would like to introduce Women's Fiction author, Joyce DeBacco.

Welcome, Joyce.  I'm so excited for you to share information about your latest book.

Please tell us a little about yourself.
After reading women's fiction for many years, I finally decided to take the plunge and write my own Serendipity House, was named best indie romance for 2011 by Lynn of the now defunct Red Adept Reviews. As the mother of four grown daughters, I'm familiar with the problems women face finding love, raising children, and stepping back when necessary. That's why family dynamics play a large part in all my books. Sibling rivalry, drug abuse among teens, and problems with spouses figure prominently in all my stories. Of course, there's always a touching love story threaded through the pages as well. Who doesn't love a good love story? I can be found most days secluded in my office creating new worlds and people to populate them. When I'm not taxing my brain with plot, structure, and grammar, I like to sew, particularly quilts. When I really want to rest my brain cells, I sprawl out in front of the TV and usually fall asleep.

You sound like a super woman.  For new readers—what can they expect when they read your book(s)?
Anyone who picks up one of my books can expect a touching love story with tasteful love scenes that make you sigh. They can also expect it to revolve around a family with the same problems most families deal with. It can be sibling rivalry, willful teenagers, or drug abuse.

Your stories sound very relateable.  How do you balance writing with the rest of your life?

You mean I’m actually supposed to have a life?

Very well said.  Can you describe your writing space for us?

I have an office in my home that’s more of a catchall for anything I don’t want cluttering up the rest of my home. I have a computer desk and regular desk on one side and a sewing machine and tall chest of drawers on the other side. When I want a change, I just switch sides and catch up on my sewing. Needless to say, between the computer screen and sewing machine, my eyes are screaming for a rest midway through the day.    

I can imagine.  What genre(s) do you write? Why do you write the stories that you write?
I write women’s fiction because those are the kind of stories I read while growing up. I may be dating myself, but as a pre-teen, my first real “grownup” book was A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. After that came Gone With the Wind, The Thorn Birds, and many of LaVyrle Spencer’s books. Later on, I read every one of John Jakes’ books. So my reading pleasures are quite eclectic.

Do your characters come to you first, or the plot, or the world of the story?
Which comes first? Hmm, I’d have to say each starts out in a different way. There’s no one constant here. Sometimes it’s the plot and other times it’s the entire story. Then I need to populate it with the right characters. Once I have the characters, the plot, and their world, the rest seems to flow easily.

What sets your books apart from other authors?
What sets my books apart are the characters and how they deal with situations. As several reviewers have mentioned, my characters seem so real, they’re like people you might know. Thus, they react the way real people would. There are no cookie-cutter themes in my stories. All are unique.

I like the sound of that.  How do you go about developing your characters?

My characters develop the same way people get to know each other. At first it’s slow going. Then, as we embark on our journey together, I get to know them better and what they would say and how they would react to the situations I place them in.

Can you share a little of your current work?
Right now I’m reworking a story I started many, many years ago. Because I take my time writing and won’t release until I’m 99% sure it’s the best it can be, I can’t say when I’ll be finished with it. It was the first story I ever attempted to write and, of course, it’s full of all the faults you’d expect of first-time writers. This basically means I had to toss most of it and start over, all 600 typewritten pages!

Where can readers find more information on you?
My website is,
my twitter profile is @joycedebacco
my Facebook page is Joyce DeBacco Books 

Can you list all your book titles so people can look for them?

Novels available in both e-book and paperback are:

Serendipity House - Amz. US link:

Rubies and Other Gems - Amz. US link:

Tomorrow Blossoms – Am. US link:

Where Dreams are Born - Amz. US link:

So Wonderful as Want - Amz. US link:

Available in e-book only:
Midnight and Holding (short fiction collection) – Amz. US link:

Joyce, thank you so much for visiting with us today and giving us a glimpse into your life.  I love how personal your books are and the attention you give every story.  I see why your books receive the claim they do.


Susan Horsnell said...

Hi Carol and Joyce
I have not encountered your books before Joyce but will certainly be adding them to my kindle.
Great interview. Nice hearing about you and good luck with your books.

Rain Trueax said...

You sound like a very interesting author writing the sort of books that always interest me. It was an informative interview. Good luck with the book

joydeb said...

Thank you, Carol, for this opportunity. And, thank you, Susan, for your interest in my books.

R. C. Drake said...

I love your talent Joyce, good luck with future works.
Rhonda (R.C.Drake)

joydeb said...

Thanks for your support and good wishes, Rain and Rhonda.

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Joyce and Carol,
Great interview.
Your books sound wonderful Joyce, and I have to say Thornbirds is one of my favourite novels, too. It is set in Australia so I am slightly biased.



Anonymous said...

Wow a bunch of new books to try, as well as a new author. Yippee!