Tuesday, October 30, 2012

For Mercy's Sake snippet

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In anticipation of my upcoming digital giveaway of For Mercy's Sake, I though I'd give you a little taste of what's to come.  

Gasping, she threw herself away from him and stumbled to her feet.  Her hand clamped over her mouth, saliva soaking her lips, trickling to her chin.  She stared at the bed, gagging, the smell of him was everywhere. 
He smiled and licked his lips, smug satisfaction radiated from his face.  "Now you know the truth. Tell me, Anna, what will these last few minutes do to that happiness you boast of?"
Desperate for air, her hip collided against the dresser as she raced out the door.  Stopping mid-way down the corridor, she leaned against the wall and held her hand to her stomach, gasping.  Her legs bowed beneath her, and she slid to the floor.  "What have I done?"

Saturday, October 20, 2012

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