Thursday, September 20, 2012

Faithfully Yours free at Amazon

I am thrilled to introduce the first book in my Forever Time Travel Romance Series, Faithfully Yours.  To celebrate this new release, Faithfully Yours will be FREE at today, Sept. 20th, only.  If the cover isn't enough to whet your appetite, here's a small taste of what's inside:

Faithfully Yours excerpt:

She lifted her body and leaned her back against Aidan's chest.  Using him as a pillow, she kicked her legs upward.  The moonlight rippled on the water in front of her.  There was no other place, or time for that matter, that she would prefer to be.  Shifting in his arms, she looked up at him.  From this angle, he looked as though he had been carved from silver. 

"When I saw you from the bank," she said.  She lifted her leg, pointing her toes at the moon.  Water trickled down her calf, striking the water like a musical instrument.  "You looked as though you were deep in thought."

"Um hmm," he said.  His chest rumbled beneath her, and she snuggled closer to him.

From the currents rippling around them and the direction that they flowed, she could tell he moved them closer to shore.  Aidan's legs no longer kicked beneath hers, and his body straightened.  She stretched her foot, reaching her toe for soft sand.  An endless void of water, fluttered between her calves.  This move on his part was so typical of his sense of fair play.  He had deliberately kept her in water deep enough that she would remain dependent on him.  He readjusted his hold, locking his hand around his wrist.  The way the tops of her breasts pushed up out of the water, this action was as deliberate as where he chose to stand. 

"Would you like to tell me what you were thinking about when I came upon you?" she asked.

He bounced her low, and she caught her breath.  Water surged over her chest.  "I was thinking about you," he said.

Her heart sped up.  She had been content to lie in his arms, feeling his breath on her hair, but to know she occupied his thoughts was enough to make her lose control.  She turned to face him and wrapped her arms around his neck, hanging from him like a banner. 

"You were thinking of me?" she asked.  She wished there was more of a moon to enable her to see the details of his features.

He held her away from him and lifted her torso out of the water.  His gaze lowered slowly, as though refreshing his memory of what he had seen.  Faith closed her eyes in a slow blink and bit on her lower lip. 

"You need to have more memories about us," he said.

She nodded, curious as to what he meant to do.  "I agree."

Aidan's hands slid behind her.  He grabbed her buttocks and squeezed.  "Since passion is what sent you backward in time, I want to be certain of something before we… create new memories," he said.

She touched her fingers to his chest and then slipped them downward over his ribs.  Keeping contact with Aidan, her hands disappeared under the surface and past his hips.  His breath caught, and she smiled.  She leaned in and pressed her lips to his neck.  She would never grow tired of the taste of him.

"I am certain," she said, trailing kisses up his cheek, "that I will not time travel anymore.  I am destined to be here with you."

He pulled her to him and tilted his head to the side giving her more access to his face.  "Faith," his voice rasped.  "I cannot live my life without you in it."

His hands moved from behind her and up to her breasts.  Faith gasped, savoring the smell and heat of his body.  She had been given a small taste.  Now, she salivated for more.  He had shared his fear with her, even shaking in her arms.  She had to set his fears to rest. 

"I'll never leave you, Aidan," she said.  "Trista assured me that when a time traveler dies in one life, they can never return to that time.  I died forty years ago.  I can never go back to my earlier life."

That promise seemed to be all he needed to hear.  His mouth came down hard on hers.  Clutching his back, she held him tighter, not wanting the moment to end.  Aidan must have felt the same way.  He grabbed her around the waist, lifted her off of her feet, and then carried her to the bank.

"Your leg," Faith said, not wanting to influence a change in his direction.

"Madam, now that you have satisfied my concern, a completely severed leg will not stop me from my intent." 

She ran her hand behind his head, locking her fingers in his hair.  "If that happens," she said.  "I will patch you up...later."  

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