Friday, April 16, 2010

Author's copy

I received my author's copy of For Mercy's Sake. I thought I'd share an excerpt:

“Daniel, are you certain about this?”

He glanced around, brows drawn together. “Is something amiss?”

She hesitated, contemplating the wisdom in giving him a chance to reconsider, then blurted it out before she could change her mind. “Are you certain you’ve thought through the consequences of this day?”

He opened his mouth to speak but Pastor Whipple interrupted him. “Daniel, whenever you’re ready.” The plump clergyman straightened his vest to a dignified angle and walked to the center of the altar. Grandma Pen and Mrs. Whipple took a seat in the front row. In order to keep the gossip hounds at bay, the ceremony would be concluded without the benefit of guests.

Daniel turned back to her. “The only consequence I struggle with is what I will do if I leave here today without you as my bride.” He extended his open hand, full of patience and filled with promise.

Tears burned the edges of her eyes. Blinking them back, she slipped her hand in his. His grip tightened and she followed him toward the cross.

For Mercy's Sake available Sept. 17, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Release date

September 17!!!

Married in secret, Daniel and Anna Mercy ineffectively skirt Charleston's town gossips. Glares and whispers are easy to evade, but Daniel is accused of murder. Anna wonders if her past betrayal has made her new husband capable of such an act.

While Anna's suspicions mount, Daniel uncovers a second murder plot with his wife as the intended victim. When they learn the name of the murderer, Anna is kidnapped.

Some secrets should remain buried with the dead but as Anna fights to stay alive, she discovers one secret Daniel has hidden from her.