Saturday, November 15, 2008

Author's copy

I've received my author's copy of Cost of Freedom! How exciting. I flipped through the pages bringing about all the memories that went with each scene. What a journey this has been. I've learned a lot and made many wonderful friends. Please be sure to read the acks page and share a bit of my experience. Thank you, everyone!


KA Cole said...

Hi Carol,

I tried to comment last night - guess it didn't post?

I am so excited for you, for _Cost of Freedom_ , I can't even say!

Congratulations. And thanks for stopping by my blog (I'm adding you to my blogroll). I'm trying to coax my muse from hiding, I miss writing so much it aches.

I'm off to buy your book!


Carol A. Spradling said...

Hi Kimberley,

It's great to see you. I hope your muse arrives soon and you are able to get pages and pages written before Thanksgiving.

Thanks for buying my book. Let me know what your favorite scene is.