Monday, September 29, 2008


Amelia Landry has writer's block. In an attempt to meet her editor's deadline, she goes to Scotland for the summer. There she finds no distractions, no people, just a few fourteenth century ghosts. Ethan Munro and his warriors have been waiting a long time for someone who is capable of freeing them from their enchantment. Led by a friendly spirit, and trying to stay ahead of a malevolent one, Amelia tries to do just that.

I was in the mood for something light, fun, and quick to read. HIGHLAND KNIGHT was just that. All of the characters were likable. The plot was predictable but in this kind of story, who cares? Deep and immersing isn't why I read it. As I neared the end, I thought Ms Miles may have painted herself into a corner with the ending. Not at all. She brings about a thoroughly satisfying conclusion that left me feeling warm and fuzzy.

I'm glad to see this author has other books at the ready because when I'm in the mood for a light-hearted escape, I will reach for a book by this author.

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