Saturday, August 2, 2008


Seph Pyle is at the Pittsburgh airport with co-worker Tom Fraser when a killer pair of pink stilettos catch her eye in a store window. What better way to fill time while waiting for their flight to be called. The fit, color, feel has never been better. She plunks down her credit card, snaps the last strap in place, and finds herself on board a ship in 1706. The captain is quick to explain her arrival. After all, this is Seph's doing. He is merely a character in her book and he wants spoilers.

I have to tell you, I loved this book. Yes, there are a few bumps but nothing unforgivable. The characters were likable, fun, and real. When I read the back cover and saw two love interests, I knew whose side I was on. Umm, no. Tom won me over. I loved that he didn't spend all of his time not believing her story. And his little test to see if she had traveled, this is a guy you want to have around.

The idea that an author ends up in her own unwritten story was a great hook, and I wished this could have been expanded on a little more. With that said, the book did not lack plot.

Can we talk cover art for a minute? I am not a fan of typical romance covers, but I like this one. I think it is because the artist got it right. The cover depicts the story. Even the shoe's details are there.

This is not a by-the-book romance or time travel story. YES! (Sorry. Reviewer commentary.) I enjoy both of these genres, but this book had me turning the page because I didn't know what to expect next. My fingers so itched to flip to the last few pages before I was finished. I resisted. :)

TUMBLING THROUGH TIME is a definite keeper and Gwyn Cready is an 'auto-buy' author.

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