Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Meme from Deniz

I pinched this from Deniz.

1. What’s in your pocket right now? Nothing

2. Have you ever gone skinny-dipping? Ummm. Next question.

3. Did you have a baby blanket? No.

4. Have you ever tried to cut your own hair? I trim my bangs.

5. How did that turn out? Fine.

6. Have you ever sleepwalked? Nope.

7. Have you ever had a birthday party at a restaurant? No.

8. Have you ever eaten a dog biscuit? No.

9. If you were in a car sinking in a lake, what would you do first? Wrap a plastic bag around my laptop then open the window.

10. Have you ever ridden in an ambulance? No.

11. Have you ever fallen asleep in school? No.

12. How many foreign countries have you visited? None, but I really think some states should qualify.

13. Have you ever broken a bone? Cracked one.

14. Have you ever accidentally taken something from a hotel? No.

15. If you could invite any movie star to your home for dinner, who would it be? How about a producer instead, let's keep our priorites, shall we?

16. If you could attend an Olympic Event, what would it be? Diving.

17. How many pairs of shoes do you own? Not nearly as many as my daughter.

18. If you won a $5,000 shopping spree to any store, which store would you pick? Black and White.

19. Have you ever been rushed to the emergency room? No.

20. Have you ever had surgery? Yes.

21. When was the last time you had a sit-down dinner with your immediate family that didn't consist of a television? It's been a while, mainly because we are rarely together at meal time.

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