Thursday, July 3, 2008


Lily Hamlin has traveled back in time to Scotland, 1654. She meets Ewan Cameron, who isn't at all surprised she is from another time.

I'm slightly torn on this book. Ms Wolff's writing style leans toward literary. If you prefer books that are filled with narrative and details, you will love this book. If you are looking for a light romp through Scotland, this book isn't for you.

The book begins with many pages of backstory. Because of the author's overuse of narrative and detailed description, I felt like I was sorting through wrappings in search of the story.

Lily is introduced to another time traveler in the castle. I expected her to spend a lot of time with him, comparing notes, in search of a way to return home. There isn't even a small amount of curiosity, which I found odd because I thought she had a science background.

I never warmed up to any of the characters and when Lily and Ewan professed feelings for each other, I was shocked.

Overall, I was determined to finish, and did, but with a headache.

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