Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dorothy's road to publication

I wrote this, though never made it public, about a year ago. With all of the latest blog posts about submission frustrations, I thought I would bring it into the open.

You know how the unknown is spooky and gets creepier because of our imaginations adding to the mystery? I have a feeling this is what happens with the 'getting published' process.

We have these Oz-like characters (publishers) who no one ever sees but everyone is in awe of. To get to the great Oz, we have to get past the gatekeepers (agents) who are the only ones who have access to his chambers. If that isn't enough, the gatekeepers have these little minions (interns), who are delusionally self-empowered to make life and death decisions concerning little Toto (your ms).

Dorothy (the writer) is frantic. The Tinman, Scarecrow, and Lion (fellow writers) are comforting, but all Dorothy really wants is a home for little Toto.

"No!" they cry. Saliva drips from the fangs of the evil minions.

"Please, if I may have a moment of your time," Dorothy begs.

"There, there," her friends comfort, "you can stay with us in our world (forums and boards)."

"But you don't understand. They don't understand. Oz will understand. He has helped so many who were more pathetic than I. I know he will hear my plea, if only I can approach."

Dorothy awakens, surrounded by familiar faces, and clutched in her hand is a hardbound book with Toto's cheerful face adorning the cover.

The point of the story, everything seems unattainable with numerous stumbling blocks. We know where the finish line is but are constantly being shoved to the side of the path. It's scary to keep picking yourself up and continuing on an unfamiliar road, knowing you will face an even greater unknown. But we do it nonetheless. Don't be afraid of the unknown, be afraid of not getting back up.

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