Monday, June 30, 2008


When Marietta Winters' brother is arrested for murder, she discovers there is only one person in town willing to help her prove his innocence. Gabriel Noble's price is steep, but he is willing to work for three favors called due at his discretion. Marietta agrees and discovers that Gabriel has more reason to find the murderer than she does.

The title and the book blurb really intrigued me (I could do without the cover art), but I found the story dealt more with the events that led up to THE THREE NIGHTS OF SIN opposed to the nights themselves. Although not what I had bargained for, the book still held its own. There were a few places of description that wobbled, but nothing that was irritating.

Ms Mallory's writing style is very clean and enjoyable. Her characters are fantastic, and I loved the way they were evenly matched. I rooted for them from page one.

Her plotting is good and easy to follow except for a few 'did I miss something' moments. This was easily forgiven when a major hook, about three fourths into the story, had me turning the pages before I finished the last words. I had to see how this was going to be handled and I was on pins and needles hoping the characters would make me proud.

Overall, I think this author has a lot to offer and will improve with each book she writes.

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