Friday, June 13, 2008


There has been a lot of talk lately about 'bad books' and harsh reviews, mainly at the Bookends blog. I bring this up because I review many books and for the first time, I feel so badly for an author's work that I won't post a review for her. What bothers me is the reason I bought the book. It was written by a Best Selling Author printed under a hugely successful publishing house.

Had I read an honest review prior to purchase, I would have avoided this book. That doesn't mean I would have avoided this author, but I would have been more selective of her work.

I do not feel any malice toward the author or publishing house and will probably look through her work to see if I can find the book that made her a best selling author.

While it is important to keep everything in perspective as to what one categorizes as good or bad, we need to have the means in which to base that decision. It is my experience that a variety of opinions is the best way to make that conclusion.

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