Monday, June 23, 2008

DARK RIVAL by Brenda Joyce

DARK RIVAL is the story of Allie Monroe, a healer, and her protector, Royce. Able to time travel, Royce appears in present day New York and guards Allie from darkness as she heals others. When Royce is murdered in front of her, Allie forces his friend, Aidan, to take her back in time to prevent his death from happening.

I realize this is not the first book in the series, but I was lost for a good section of the book. The author did continue to reference the backstory, but this proved more annoying than helpful. I did at least grasp the concept of the story.

Allie knows her calling in life, almost too well, and is portrayed with a solid strength. She was likable until she and Royce were reunited. At this point, she came across as overbearing and whiny, which resulted in him appearing wimpy. Royce doesn't know what to think of this woman who keeps insisting that she is in love with him. He is sworn to a code and does try to keep her safe, even when she does everything to encourage 'evil' to find her.

The plot is filled with undeveloped, secondary characters with storylines that lacked continuity and believability. The scenes with the queen and Royce only served to undermine his character and distanced Allie from me as a reader.

There were glimmers of hope, but these all fizzled. I really wanted, and tried, to like this book. I love time travel stories. This one, even with all of its false starts, never came across.

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