Thursday, May 1, 2008


I am about halfway through my reading frenzy and have a question. When reading back covers, how do you know if an historical is regency? Does anyone know?


Jenny said...

Your general telltales are if it's "Lord Whosit" and/or "Lady Whatsherface" and they don't *specify* a time period...pretty much if it has a title in the title (cf. DUKE OF SCANDAL, HOW TO MARRY A MARQUIS) it's likely a regency.

There are clues IN the book...if the ton is mentioned (or the "beau monde"), Napoleon, etc...

You get a feel for these things. Any book in particular you were wondering about?

(BTW if anyone wonders WHY they're called "Regencies" it's because they're set in - or near - this era:
Though strictly speaking, if it's set before it's "Georgian"...but they all kind of get lumped together.)

Jenny said...

The joy of you go:

Carol A. Spradling said...

Thanks, Jenny. this helped a great deal.