Wednesday, May 28, 2008

KISS OF THE HIGHLANDER by Karen Marie Moning

When Gwen Cassidy, literally, stumbles upon a sleeping Drustan MacKeltar, she has a hard time convincing him that five hundred years have past since he last closed his eyes. The last thing he remembers is being informed of his brother's death. With Gwen's help, he is certain he can return in time to prevent this event from occurring. Being a Druid, it is within his power to pass through the stones, however it is forbidden to do so for personal gain and to defy the edict is done at a great cost.

Ms Moning does a great job of pulling you into the story from page one. Gwen Cassidy makes no bones about her reason for being in Scotland and when she and Drustan meet, not only do you know what will happen between them, you can't wait to get there.

The plot is simple and straight forward, which adds to the pace of the story. Ms Moning does a wonderful job of letting the story unfold with enough surprises and twists that you are never bored with what could be a predictable story line.

One thing that I loved were the secondary characters. They were vibrant and interesting. When Drustan threatens to fire Nell, I laughed out loud at her response. Nell and Silvan were strong enough to be endearing but never annoying.

The only eye rolling moment for me was when it seemed that all the MacKeltar births were twins. If this was explained, I missed it.

To be honest, I put off reading this book for quite a while. The reason being, I read the third book concerning the MacKeltar family first and didn't see how all the pieces fit. From what I have recently learned, Ms Moning has several books in the Highlander Series and they are capable of standing alone. Since (to my knowledge) all but three deal with unrelated characters, this shouldn't be a problem. But, with the three books that deal with the MacKeltar family, I would have enjoyed them more if read in order.

Overall, I really enjoyed Kiss of the Highlander (and reread and enjoyed Spell of the Highlander.) Ms Moning is an author that goes on my buy list.


NancyD said...

Karen is one of my favorite authors too! I think Spell is my favorite McKeltar book. She's a must buy for me too.

Carol A. Spradling said...

Hi Nancy,

I'm really glad that I gave her a second chance after reading Spell. It certainly helps to read books in order. lol Now that I know the order and have a timeline, I really like what she did with this part of the series.