Saturday, April 19, 2008

TAKE ME IF YOU CAN by Karen Kendall

Avy Hunt is an art recovery agent whose new assignment is to retrieve the Sword of Alexander from Sir Liam James, a high-end art thief. With a fat commission and her reputation on the line, Avy crosses more than one moral line in her quest for the muti-million dollar art piece. A cryptic message from a trusted source shatters her common sense and leaves her basic instincts in question. The lack of which means death in her profession. Still, only one thing is clear. She'll bring in the sword no matter what.

This is the first book I've read by this author and WOW, what a great read. Never have I been gripped so early in a book. This book has everything and holds nothing back. To be honest, this author's style has a certain agent's fingerprints all over it. I was surprised to discover this person was not her agent. Anyway...

Miss Kendall has a succinct style of writing but not in a way that leaves you feeling cheated. You are left very satisfied. The characters are very nicely drawn, the story is plausible, her research is spot on, and the tension is high. The only complaint I have is there were a few chapters featuring Gwen that didn't seem to fit with the story, but they were entertaining and didn't distract, so...

Overall, you gotta read this book!

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Sarita Leone said...

Good morning Carol. This sounds like a great read!

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