Sunday, March 30, 2008

SOUL IN HIS EYES by Christine London

In SOUL IN HIS EYES by Christine London, actor Erik Bartholomew receives hundreds of fan letters, but one from Christine Rose intrigues him. In her letter, she talks to Erik the man, not the actor. Erik and Christine sense a connection and begin a ‘letter affair’.

Miss London has created characters that are as real and endearing as your best friend. Although I was surprised with the speed and depth of Christine and Erik’s relationship, I was in there with them, rooting for it to flourish. The beginning of the book is very detailed but hits a quicker pace as the story progresses. A few times, I thought the story would go in a predictable way, but I was pleasantly surprised with the author’s direction.

This was an enjoyable story.

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Christine London said...

Thanks for the lovely review, Carol. So glad you enjoyed Erik and Christine's great adventure.