Sunday, March 9, 2008


I remember walking into someone's house a few years ago when a young boy ran from the backyard crying. I asked the owner of the house what had happened. She explained that the boys he was playing with got a little rough and he couldn't take it. My thought was, why should he have to. This woman had placed the boy's outburst at his feet instead of the feet of the thugs who had caused it. That was several years ago, and the boys she defended have all become regulars with the police department. Enough said.

I bring this up because it seems that backyard bullies aren't always children. When it happens with adults, the inflicted person is told to get a tougher skin. To some degree, yes, but armor, no. What makes it worse is when the bully is defended.

I don't know if I have walked away with a tougher skin or a pricked conscience. Either way, I have reached a few minor decisions, with the major ones still in question.

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