Thursday, February 21, 2008


It is said that all things are temporary and circulate throughout. With that in mind, it seems things are about to change.

On Kristen Nelson's blog, she posted a note from a meeting she had with Random House. The part that perked my attention was, "She also expressed a longing for female heroines that aren’t killing machines."

This type of heroine has been the mainstay for a long time and I am so glad the publishing taste has been satiated. Not that there isn't still a desire by some readers for this, but I am thrilled the publishing houses are becoming sensitive to reader's demands for a different heroine type.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you!


Sara said...

Hi Carol,

I also saw that post and my reaction was the same as yours. :-) Now if only other-world fantasy could get an upswing as well... (everyone just seems to want urban fantasies in these days).

/Sara E.

Carol A. Spradling said...

Hi Sara,

I had to tone my reaction WAY down before posting. :)

I think it's all timing. I have no idea what's up next, but I'm certainly glad it's about to move.