Tuesday, January 1, 2008

THE WARRIOR by Kinley MacGregor

Although I am a newbie to Ms MacGregor's world of story telling, I am a die-hard fan of historical genres. Let's face it, put a Scotsman in a kilt and that alone will make me buy a book. Yeah, I'm that easy. But to be honest, I had a hard time placing this book as an historical due to the overuse of modern speech and cliches. When I realized this was going to be a staple throughout the book, I decided to concentrate on the plot and emotion of the story and allow myself to become absorbed in their world. The author did a fine job of telling me what I should see and feel, but I never drew those conclusions on my own. Okay, there is still a kilted Scot to drool over, but I couldn't find him. The reader is constantly told Lochlan is a Scot, but his speech and mannerism never demonstrated it. The ending completely baffled me.

If you are a fan of Ms MacGregor, this book is most likely a delicious addition to her collection of stories. If you have never read her work before, you might want to start with the first book of the series. This is definitely not a stand alone book.

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