Monday, October 1, 2007


While editing, I found certain words/phrases tended to stick out more than others. Not because they were incorrect, but because I used them a lot. I was curious, do you have favorites that seems to get a workout in your writing?

I find that I am partial to the words: plopped, flopped, and slitted.


Jenny said...

I find my characters "turn" toward each other (or to whomever they are speaking) a lot. And now it bugs me whenever I start to write that, but I can very clearly see, say, Alec - who is facing away - turning back to Elspeth (or Mairi, etc.) to speak directly to her.


Carol A. Spradling said...

It's hard for them to talk to the person without turning, isn't it? Hmm, gotta be another way to turn him around.

NBB said...

My characters always fiddle around with or grab things when talking. I cannot stop them doing it.

But you know, you gotta do something with your hands :)

And for now I will just let them do it and see what revisions will bring next year.

Carol A. Spradling said...


What's wrong with fiddling with something? As long as it's not distracting of course. Abigail tends to do it whenever she is facing a difficult conversation and not sure of the outcome.

Hmm, but I guess if every character did it, that would be a problem.

Yes, revisions will help clarify things for you.

Jane Richardson, writer said...

Oh, dear - too many. :( I'm a 'turner' too. And they turn or look 'back' a lot. Down, around, walked, it's like they never keep still. And 'for a moment,' that sneaks in everywhere. Horrible! Thank goodness for eagle-eye cps.

Jane x