Sunday, October 14, 2007

Book trailer

My book trailer is finished. Woohoo! For not knowing anything about the medium, I like how it turned out. If you haven't done one, you should. It was so much fun. Okay, it was fun after the frustration of learning how the software works, figuring out what should go in it, finding all the components, and several failed attempts. Yeah, it was fun. I want to wait until I have release dates and an ISB # before making it public, but I had to share, too excited to keep this just to myself.


Precie said...


Carol A. Spradling said...

Thanks Precie. It's very exciting.

NBB said...

Maybe I'm just ignorant, but what is a book trailer?

I know what a trailer is and you bet I know what a book is *g*, but a book trailer? Is that the same as a movie trailer? But what would go in it?

But whatever it is, must be something good for you, so: woho! :)

Carol A. Spradling said...

Hi Nina,

Book trailers are similar to movie trailers. They give you a small snip of what the book is about in video format.

Do I have you email addy? ;)

NBB said...

Hey Carol,

yes, you do :)

Hélène Boudreau said...

Did you produce your own?

That's very cool!

Carol A. Spradling said...

Hi Helene,

Yes. I used Windows Movie Maker. Once I became familiar with the software, it was loads of fun.

Jane Richardson, writer said...

I've just seen it, and it's fab. Really atmospheric, especially the music, and the images are spot on. I like how it also relates to your website images, Carol. Leaves a person in no doubt about your genre/period. Very good indeed. :)

J x

Carol A. Spradling said...

Hi Jane!
I'm so glad you like it. I hope it will whet some appetites. Hopefully, I'll find that small pocket of historical readers.