Tuesday, September 11, 2007


This is too funny. On the way to work, I called my sister to ask about a gift idea for an upcoming birthday party. After coming up with no idea, she asked how the writing was going. I happened to mention my thoughts for the new wip. Effervescing, she bubbled over. "That's my kind of book! Oh, you have to add___." LOL

She is an avid reader and can down an average-size paperback in an afternoon, but I don't think she is grasping an author's timeline. At the earliest, I see me starting Fade in January. Okay, FMS took 5 months, but still, it will be a while before a rough draft is in her greedy, little hands. I hope I can pacify her with a finished draft of FMS in the mean time.


NBB said...

I wish I had a sister who reads... *wistful sigh*

That way I would have someone in my back pushing me on.
The only one in my family that reads is my grandma, but she doesn't read the kind of things I write (aka Fantasy). I'm sure she would, once the book is out, but for now...


Carol A. Spradling said...

Hi Nina,

I think you'll be surprised at how many relatives will want to read your book.

I don't know if it's helpful or strssful to have a sister who is constantly asking, are you finished yet?

NBB said...

Both, probably :)

The constant nagging at least lets you know that there is ONE person out there that will want to read your book (apart from yourself).