Monday, September 10, 2007

And on the horizon...

Am I insane or is this normal? Personally, I blame Jen for planting the idea in my head.

I have an idea for a new wip. Naturally, the timing is atrocious. I scribbled down the basic ideas for later. This cannot have my attention right now, no matter how loud it screams. But I do think it will be a good story. I am wondering what genre it will fit in since it doesn't appear to be a traditional story that has clear guidelines.

Okay, focus. Edits, first. FMS, second.


NBB said...

No, you're not insane :)

I have at least 4 other WIPs in my head. But I refuse to work on them until I haven't at least a rough draft of my first WIP down.

I let the others stew in my mind, but I want to concentrate on my Fantasy story for now.
(I'm afraid if I don't, I'll find excuses to not continue writing it but work on one of the others. And that simply is out of the question)

Carol A. Spradling said...

Thanks, Nina.

It sounds like you know exactly what I mean.

I was afraid I would end up with many wips going at the same time, all be in various stages of completion with none getting finished. I would rather stop writing than to have that happen.

You're right. Take notes and let them continue to stew. I guess this is better than having no idea for a next book.

Anonymous said...

Just remeber never to stifle yourself Carol. Organize your time by priority, but if this book is calling, find time to squeeze it in. But then look at me, I have 2 half written books and am tempted to start a third, so always do what's best for you. Once again Carol, Congratulations on everything!
PS-This semester I am taking a Fiction writing course and the instructor said my writing was sexy!