Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hand grenades and horseshoes

I am so close. The entire book has been read and tweaked three times. The epilogue, after two attempts, is almost there. I just need a way to give it that kiss good bye. Two to three sentences should finish it off, but I can't quite figure out how to get it to happen. I need that 'ahhh' paragraph that makes you close the book with a smile. I have until Friday. Let me step away for a while and allow inspiration to strike.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


I have gone over the ms for the second time and the epilogue is almost finished, but I have reached the point where I can no longer tell right from wrong. For instance, is it "Yes, sir." or "Yes, Sir."? Everything is starting to look like a mish-mash of words and punctuation.

I received some very good advice and hope I can follow it. This wise woman said to not even consider the final read through until I have allowed myself to be well rested. She's right, but how do I corral all of these annoying 'what about' thoughts in the meantime?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I had to pass this on to all of you. My friend, Jane Richardson, has received her cover and a tentative release time of Oct/Nov for her book A Different Kind of Honesty. You can take a peek at

Congrats, Jane!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007


While we were on vacation, my husband bought the movie Flyboys. He watched it almost every day. Should I remind you we were gone for two weeks?

This week at work, I learned one of our students was a stunt pilot for James Franco in the movie. Although this was cool, my husband wasn't this excited when I told him he was going to be a father. Men!

For me, it took a while to understand which part he played. It wasn't until he said, "I saved the girl" that I was able to place his character. Admittedly, I didn't pay close attention to the movie. I will next time.

It was nice talking with him and hearing about all the behind the scenes activities. He's going to get me a poster from the movie. If he does, my husband will be hard to live with.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


This is too funny. On the way to work, I called my sister to ask about a gift idea for an upcoming birthday party. After coming up with no idea, she asked how the writing was going. I happened to mention my thoughts for the new wip. Effervescing, she bubbled over. "That's my kind of book! Oh, you have to add___." LOL

She is an avid reader and can down an average-size paperback in an afternoon, but I don't think she is grasping an author's timeline. At the earliest, I see me starting Fade in January. Okay, FMS took 5 months, but still, it will be a while before a rough draft is in her greedy, little hands. I hope I can pacify her with a finished draft of FMS in the mean time.

Monday, September 10, 2007

And on the horizon...

Am I insane or is this normal? Personally, I blame Jen for planting the idea in my head.

I have an idea for a new wip. Naturally, the timing is atrocious. I scribbled down the basic ideas for later. This cannot have my attention right now, no matter how loud it screams. But I do think it will be a good story. I am wondering what genre it will fit in since it doesn't appear to be a traditional story that has clear guidelines.

Okay, focus. Edits, first. FMS, second.

Friday, September 7, 2007

New writer

Have you ever had someone ask you to read a sample of their work? I'm sure you have. Our first reaction is generally, uh, okay. Hmm, do I really want to do this?

Last night, I was asked to read a snip from a new writer. When it was prefaced with, I've been working on this for __years and have __words, you can imagine my thoughts. To be fair, I asked if I could wait until the morning to read. I start closing down at night and can't make much sense of anything.

I just read her piece. This girl is good. Not that I'm an expert, but I am very picky. She had me leaning into the screen, staring bug-eyed at the words. Not many writers have that affect on me. Why she put this down, I'll never understand. From listening to her last night, I doubt she'll stop now. She has that writer's excitement. The serendipitous ideas were flowing, and she couldn't get them down fast enough.

Jenna, you're off to a great start. You have what it takes. Keep those keys clicking.

Monday, September 3, 2007


The website is finished, well, minus my photo. I'll add that as soon as I get back from vacation. In the meantime, if you wanna take a look--

I hope to see you over there.