Monday, August 6, 2007


I have some news. The editor of a publishing house has asked to talk with me about Cost of Freedom. I'm trying to stay calm, but I'm about to explode. That's all I can say right now, but eeeeeeee


Jen said...


Woohoo!! You go girl! I knew someone would come to their senses eventually. COF rocks -- can't wait to have a hardcopy in my grubby little hands. (g)


Jenny said...

Carol -

Woot! How excellent! Keeping my fingers crossed for you...not that you need it - you rock!

Carol said...

Hi Jen,

You always did believe in COF! Thanks for helping me through the doubtful times. You're the best!

Carol said...

Hi Jenny,

I can't stop shaking. Thanks Jenny. I'll keep you up to date.

Jane Richardson, writer said...

I'm so excited for you! Enjoy this magical moment - and then git to talking with the woman!

J x

Carol said...

Thanks, Jane!

Oh, we're talking! (VBG)

Susan Adrian said...


Wow! Awesome!

The Editor? Not an agent? Did you decide to submit to both?

(nosy Susan)

Carol said...

Hi Susan,

LOL, nosey!

The majority of responses I received from agents was that historical fiction, esp. pre Revolutionary War, doesn't sell.

This bothered me on two accounts. First, I love to read books in this period. I guess I never got over my crush on Johnny Tremain. Second, I wasn't ready to accept this as fact. Many people I know love this period.

I thought, they've already said no. What do I have to lose? I want to hear it straight from editors. So, I picked a small handful, took a deep breath, and submitted straight to the source. She loved it!

As soon as I know something definite, I will blare it all over the boards. Until then, just here. I don't want to get ahead of myself, but gotta tell someone.

Susan Adrian said...


Congratulations! That's fabulous. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!