Sunday, August 5, 2007

I made my word count goal

I made it to 60k, but I still have more story to tell. Nice situation to be in, wouldn't you agree? I won't be able to add more tonight, due to research. I thought this could wait until I returned to writing BBH, but I am watching the Revolution series now. I have until Wednesday to glean as much info from it that I can. We are changing over to "air card" wireless, so I'm returning all of the Internet cable devices. The Tivo style device is part of this cable package, so I will lose that service. Eh, I'd much rather get Internet anywhere, at anytime. Yeah, I'm addicted.


Susan Adrian said...

Good job, Carol!

Carol said...


Do you find that as you near the end, you build momentum? Hands in the air. Weeeee!

Susan Adrian said...


Apparently so. {G}