Friday, August 17, 2007

Growing up

I am the type of person who normally has to have everything figured out before I begin and then proceeds at breakneck speed to achieve my goal. Hard to believe I chunk write, huh?

The past two weeks have been such a cyclone of activity. At one point, I found myself wanting to hide in a corner and wait for everything to go away. I would sit at me laptop with the solace that I could at least escape into 1760. That didn't even work. I sat there wondering how I ever managed to put a subject and verb together, or why I even wanted to.

The logical side of my brain patted the creative side and jumped into action. Prospective. That's what I needed. Order. What has to be done now, what can wait?

Last night, I sat once more at the laptop and finally, words starting flowing into place. Yes! I think I have it figured out. Balance. Not exactly a simple realization for an 'all or nothing' kind of girl.

There's always more to learn, isn't there?

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