Friday, August 31, 2007

Thursday, August 30, 2007


I don't know what happened. While I wait for other things to click into place, I decided to work on BBH. For the past three hours I have been fluffing chapters. This was the kind of stuff that makes you happy dance your way to bed when finished. While working on this one chapter in particular, I pushed the down key and nothing happened. It said I was at the end of the chapter. Not true. I know what else is to happen in this chapter and we were a long way from finished.

I very carefully looked around to see what was happening. When I came back to the screen, it was blank. My stomach dropped. Not only was all the stuff I had worked on tonight gone, so was the original. This was an important chapter. I remember writing the original, it took quite a few days to get it the way I wanted.

Tentatively touching the chapter number on Word, it asked if I wanted to revert to the saved program. I know Word saves everything after so many minutes. I held my breath and clicked, yes. Up popped the chapter. I scrolled down, searching for any hint of the gold I had added. Nothing. (sniff, sniff) I need a cookie.

So back I go to the top of the page, hoping I can remember all the things I added. Why does this never happens on 'iffy' nights?

Monday, August 27, 2007

With time to spare

I set a goal to have the first draft of FMS finished by the end of August. I made it!! I am so excited. I am going to let it rest while I do the revisions for COF and then go back, clean it up and fluff it out. This is so exciting.

I didn't want a few unfinished chapters hanging over my head and not be able to get to them. Talk about torture. Yes, I admit it. I'm a type A personality and can't stand to have anything unfinished.


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Crit reaction

Two critters just gave me their reaction to the 'big scene' in FMS. It scared them. Hehe. Warned by the one critter, the other refused to read the scene until the next day for fear she'd not be able to sleep. Yea!!!

Separation anxiety

I have two chapters left to write in FMS, my first stand alone book. I've heard writers talk about a sadness they feel when coming to the end of a story. Last night as I looked at the notes for the last two chapters, I understood what they meant.

Not to sound weird, but it's like you prepare yourself to say good-bye to people you care about. I suppose that's a good sign. I hope readers feel the same way when they finish the book.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Name change

Sorry about the name change. I look at it and shake my head. Can you believe was already taken? I was forced to throw the A in. Not happy about it, but what can I do?

It's becoming real

Take a look in the middle of the first column.

What makes you tingle?

Book tours, fame, cash. When you think about being published, what is that little something that you look forward to experiencing?

For me, I think the biggest thrill would be to see someone who is reading my book and watch their expression while they read.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Growing up

I am the type of person who normally has to have everything figured out before I begin and then proceeds at breakneck speed to achieve my goal. Hard to believe I chunk write, huh?

The past two weeks have been such a cyclone of activity. At one point, I found myself wanting to hide in a corner and wait for everything to go away. I would sit at me laptop with the solace that I could at least escape into 1760. That didn't even work. I sat there wondering how I ever managed to put a subject and verb together, or why I even wanted to.

The logical side of my brain patted the creative side and jumped into action. Prospective. That's what I needed. Order. What has to be done now, what can wait?

Last night, I sat once more at the laptop and finally, words starting flowing into place. Yes! I think I have it figured out. Balance. Not exactly a simple realization for an 'all or nothing' kind of girl.

There's always more to learn, isn't there?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


To all of you who create websites--applause, applause.

I am in the process of having mine built. I know, I thought the same thing as you, eh, how hard can it be? For crying out loud, I built a blog. Ha!

After looking into the finer points of templates, I decided if I were to embark in this route, I needed something professional looking. So, the search began for a webmaster. This brought me completely out of my comfort zone. Plus, I had no clue as to how to begin.

Thankfully, I was given the name of a talented web mistress. She jotted me a quick note with a few general questions, which I replied to with answers that were even more vague. Yesterday, I got the first glimpse of what she concocted. Impressed doesn't begin to describe it.

We are fine tuning the details but rest assured, this is much better than anything I could have attempted. I don't know how she did it, but she is able to capture the essence of my writing style. Having looked at her portfolio, this is her strength. Whether contemporary or historical, her creations reflect the author splendidly.

I'll let you know when it is finished.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Too funny.

I'm sorry. I'm cracking up. I have this line in a chapter that cracks me up, I'm talking belly laugh, every time I read it. I can visualize it so clearly. The thing is, it is in a very tense, stressful scene. For this character to say what she does is priceless and then to have the reaction from another character follow...I'm rolling. I need a Kleenex.

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Meet Jack. He's staying with us this weekend while my son is at drill. Isn't he cute! He's half Siberian Husky and half Eastern Gray Wolf.

Thursday, August 9, 2007


I admit it. I secretly had fantasies of what a writer's life is like. I imagined myself sitting on the front porch, looking out over a lake, pounding away at the keys. All else was taken care of, magically, I suppose. It was my fantasy, I never left the porch. I have an inkling that my dream was perhaps a bit skewed. LOL Stop laughing, okay, maybe a chuckle. It is funny.

The fantasy is generally better than the reality and that's why we write. So, what are your fantasies of an author's life?

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

It's happened!!!

Hi everyone,

I have news! I have been offered a contract from for Cost of Freedom, and she has requested a partial for Bound by Honor. My head is swimming.

Monday, August 6, 2007


I have some news. The editor of a publishing house has asked to talk with me about Cost of Freedom. I'm trying to stay calm, but I'm about to explode. That's all I can say right now, but eeeeeeee

Sunday, August 5, 2007

I made my word count goal

I made it to 60k, but I still have more story to tell. Nice situation to be in, wouldn't you agree? I won't be able to add more tonight, due to research. I thought this could wait until I returned to writing BBH, but I am watching the Revolution series now. I have until Wednesday to glean as much info from it that I can. We are changing over to "air card" wireless, so I'm returning all of the Internet cable devices. The Tivo style device is part of this cable package, so I will lose that service. Eh, I'd much rather get Internet anywhere, at anytime. Yeah, I'm addicted.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

tick, tick, tick

I was curious about something. From the time your screen pops into existence, to the time you start writing, how much time do you spend taking care of business? Not household finance and things like that. I mean, reading and answering email, checking the boards, socializing on the blogs--thank you, Google reader.

Granted, all these things are necessary. *cough* Just curious. For me, weekdays don't count. I have a lot of down time at work, soon to end come September, so I can do all this when I'm bored. The weekends are another story. I think it takes me about an hour before I actually get to my writing. I don't think that's too much, is it?

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Plain and simple

This was passed to me in an email, and I thought it was very sound advice.

Erasure is as important as writing. Prune what is turgid, elevate what is commonplace, arrange what is disorderly, introduce rhythm where language is harsh, modify where it is too absolute. The best method of correction is to put aside for a time what we have written, so that when we come to it again it may have an aspect of novelty, as of being another man's work; in this way we may preserve ourselves from regarding our writings with the affection we lavish upon a newborn child.~Marcus Fabius Quintilianus

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The homestretch

I have finally conquered a difficult chapter. At one point, I even considered tossing it. But the boys finally co operated. Now, it's full steam ahead.

I love this part of writing--when you start the climb to the climax. All the pieces you've carefully laid in place are coming together, the tension is building, and you can see the finish. The writing happens faster because you know what's on the horizon and you can't wait to get there. This is what you hope happens with the reader, and if done right, it should.

See you at the finish line.