Friday, July 20, 2007


I never thought these words would come out of my keyboard, but...I can't wait to edit. Most writers prefer the creative flexibility of writing the original story. Don't get me wrong, that's a thrill. But, I have finally conquered my latest writing obstacle, and I'm very anxious to go back and remove all the previous hiccups in my wip.

Have you ever spoken with someone and could tell they were bursting to tell you something, but were wary of saying it because it might not be received as intended? In an early chapter of FMS, I had this experience with someone who submitted a crit to me. She very cautiously mentioned that I should try to incorporate more _____. Not knowing what that even meant, I blinked, reread, scratched my head and quickly accepted her offer to explain. After our talk, I kind of knew what she was talking about.

Her suggestion perched on my shoulder each time I wrote, sometimes even whispering in my ear, this is a section that could benefit from her comments. Although I was starting to recognize where to incorporate it, now I needed to know how.

I studied her suggestions. I read over a few blurbs from other authors who had managed this technique. It wasn't sinking in. A few days ago, as I fluffed a scene, one sentenced stopped me cold. I looked at it and thought, what if I change my scope slightly here and jiggled this over there. That's it! This is what she was saying 45,000 words ago. Finally, I understand what she was talking about.

Hence my excitement. Gotta get to edits. I can't wait. I admit it, when trying to grasp a new concept, it generally takes me the better part of a book to get there, but the good news is, I do arrive.


Hélène B said...

What a wonderful 'aha' moment.

Love when that happens!

Cindy said...

Hi (again) Carol:

I've heard other authors talk about the first draft as thoguh it's something to be got through, with the rewrites being sort of where the fun begins. I wouldn't know. (G) I can understand what they mean, though. Looking forward to it, myself!

Carol said...

It's more than wonderful. I feel like I'm really getting it and not just faking it. (Sorry, Jen!)

Yes! I love it when that happens.

Carol said...

Hi Cindy,

I tend to like all the stages (even queries, how freaky is that?) But, I don't like getting stuck in any stage for an overly long period. That's why this book has been fun. It's fast.

Oh. you'll get there. You've made great progress by being at the computer everyday. That's how it happens.

Jane Richardson, writer said...

Carol, more ____? Have you forgotten how to spell? It's like this...b.r.e.e...oh, sorry! Did you mean something else?? :o
You go, girl!

J x

Carol said...

Hi Jane,
LOL. Actually, it is p..r..e..or is it o. teheh. I was trying to hide my ignorance at something that is probably rudimentary to everyone else. But, I get it now. Thanks to some helpful advice and the patience of Job on your part.