Monday, July 2, 2007

People only like the middle of oreos.

I have finally reached that point where I can see the end. That doesn't mean I'm close to finishing though. Although I'm still in the middle of the ms, I am getting ideas for scenes that will lead to the climax of the story. Ohhh, I like what's ahead. I really hope I'm able to keep the reader guessing all the way through. I need to write a quick note so I can remember what I have in mind. Work can get in the way, can't it? (s) I have a feeling that this scene will trigger two or three more. Don't you love it when you reach that point in your writing. I feel like I'm at a train station. Steam shoots out against my legs as I hurry to get aboard. The train jerks to a start and slowly chugs from the station. Full steam, that's what's ahead.

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