Sunday, July 15, 2007

My weekend

I'm taking a little break. I have spent the entire weekend, fluffing out and polishing the first three chapters of FMS. I think they are now completely finished. Thank you ladies for your help in narrowing down what was missing. The chapters now have a much deeper tone and richer quality to them.

I chose to write the first draft of FMS with a light hand. I find it easier to go back and add material opposed to cutting. Plus, I would berate myself for wasting all that time on things that would get snipped if done the other way.

One thing I also did was to make a cheat sheet for myself. I find that I tend to continue with similar habits--I forget to include one thing, over emphasize something else. So, I had this brainstorm, as my grandma used to say. When my beta ladies zipped back the first chapters with their comments, I went over them and asked, what exactly are they saying here?

I then composed a checklist of things to go back over and look for when a chapter is 'finished'. Yeah, we all know the definition of that word--revisions. I am in hopes that as I familiarize myself with the list that it will become second nature as I write the original draft. Oh, wouldn't that be lovely?

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