Sunday, July 22, 2007


Just a quick note. My daughter is off to Cuba today for ten days. It's the second time she's been there but this time, I'm a little nervous. I can't go into detail on a public forum, but keep in mind it's still a communist country. It's true what they say, parental worries never stop. They also become compounded with an adventurous daughter who is overly trusting. She likes to remind me that she's also intelligent and knows how to take care of herself. She's right on both counts, but you understand.


Jane Richardson, writer said...

I'm sure she will be fine, though I understand how you must feel. I would love, love to go to Cuba...the music, oh, the music...wonderful! Let us know how she gets on.
J x

Carol said...

Hi Jane,
I got a call from her yesterday. A 7 minute phone card. I was thrilled. The last time she went, absolutely no contact the entire time. She won't experience any of the music and resorts this trip, but I know she will enjoy it just the same.