Tuesday, June 5, 2007

This is such torture.

I am at work and have absolutely nothing to do. This happens frequently during this time of year. I am so tempted to go get my memory stick and type away on my story. The thing is, my boss pops out of the classroom without notice. Grrr.

It wouldn't be so bad if I was still constructing the initial layout of the story, I could scribble notes on paper and have done that many times. But all the bones are in place, and I need to flesh it out. I have to look at the screen and fiddle with it to make it happen.

To occupy myself, I have caught up on crits for other people, haunted the forum, workshop, and visited any, and all, blogs I can find. You're welcome for the increased hits, btw. Since Yahoo IMing is off limits on this computer, I generally busy myself with emails, but someone got a temp. job for the week. *smile*

Big sigh. If anyone needs a crit--gimme. I would love the chance to be productive.


Jane Richardson, writer said...

Grrr, you said it! Nothing worse than having the time to write, and not being able to get to it. :( And sometimes when you're deep in the throes of one, you can't get your head round notes for another, either. If I had something ready for you to crit, I'd send it. Hopefully things will pick up soon. J x

Carol said...

I thought you were in Italy. Good to see you. Did you get your house all straightened out and arranged? Have a great trip and take an extra think notebook with you for the plane ride. I expect lots of chapters heading my way when you get back. (s)

Jane Richardson, writer said...

Mentally, I AM in Italy, physically I'll be there Saturday :) Don't hold your breath for the chapters, I may being doing one or two other things over there - lol! ttys J x (ps, you don't wanna know the state of the house!)

Carol said...

LOL. That's always how it goes when getting ready for a trip.

After I sent the reply, I thought, 'Come on, she'll be in Italy. Writing's the last thing that will be on her mind.'

Have a great time! We'll miss you while you're gone.

Hélène B said...

Argh! How excrutiating!

Thanks for dropping by my place in the meantime :-)


Carol said...

Hi Helene,

I know! Hopefully, it won't happen again for a while.

You're welcome about my visit. Gotta support everyone, right?!