Thursday, June 14, 2007

Quick check-in.

I thought any progress this month would be futile, but so far I've racked up 4,000 words. That's surprising to me since both of my children were home for two weeks. (They leave tomorrow.)

My daughter is nonstop energy. She is the type of woman who (and does this daily) wears out one group of friends by dinner and then will call several more to pick up the slack. Then out she goes again.

My son is the opposite who relies on one-on-one attention. Since he has been away for a couple of years and his friends have moved on, his activities are limited. far as my writing accomplishments for the month have gone, I'd say it's been successful. Oh, and if you're wondering which one of them takes after me...I'm heading out the door for a three day conference but will probably be a wall flower who barely socializes. I guess they both do.


Hélène B said...

Hi Carol,

Congrats on your progress so far and have fun at the conference!

Carol said...

Hi Helene,
Thanks. I have a wedding to go to next Friday, but other than that, I hope to attack the keyboard for the rest of the month.

Any news on your end?

Hélène B said...

Hi Carol,

I have a teleconference with my agent on Wednesday, so we'll see. I'm also going to pitch a new Early Chapter Book idea to her that I'm really jazzed about.

Hopefully one of these things will fly!