Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sometimes, you gotta let off a little steam.

I'm starting to think my blog reads like a roller coaster ride. I see why writing is a solitary profession. I won't go into details, if you're a writer, I'm sure you have it figured out.

As a writer, I try to stick to the kiss method. I can weave all the intricate plot points and twists I want, but basically, if I don't keep it simple stupid, as far as writing style goes, it's gibberish. Have you ever read something that left you scratching your head? Sure you have. Now I'm not suggesting we lower our skills to a lower reading level. That would be ludicrous. What I am saying is:

Know your audience. Be honest. If your material is for a certain age or demographic, write it accordingly. Don't force your wip on the wrong group.

Know your story. If you can't be consistent, why do you expect it from your characters? Nothing irks me more than when reading a piece and something in it just doesn't fit. Your characters need to be true to the setting, plot, and period. Don't make them look and sound like ninnies.
Know your capabilities. First, I am all for continuing to grow and learn. However, don't force things on others that they don't want, especially when you've camouflaged it in an attempt to impress.

And know yourself. You may have aspirations of being the next best______. Why? She's filled that spot, but there is room for you. Don't be a cheap imitation. Be genuine. Let the world see what you can do. You might surprise yourself at what that is.

Sorry to get a little preachy there, but come on, people. Have some pride.


Jen said...


Here, here! (g)


Carol said...

Thanks Jen.

Hélène B said...

Can I hear an AMEN!

Although I hope you didn't write this after reading the snippet I posted on my blog.



Carol said...

Hi Helene,

lol, Sorry to scare you like that. I did read your blog, but that's not what inspired this post. Actually, this came about for the reasons stated. I have seen so much of these things going on in published pieces as well as hopeful ones. I kept wondering, is this not seen by anyone. The longer I gave the benefit of the doubt, the worse it became. I don't see how agents keep their sanity. Thanks for your suport with the sentiment. I'll try to curb the outbursts. (s)