Saturday, June 2, 2007

I know what I want.

I read a book last week that has stayed with me. Not that the story was memorable, but because of the thoughts I had when I finished it. I really liked the premise for the story. The concept and the characters were completely believable.

However, I felt what the author had written was only half of the story. The book was one dimensional with no subplot and very little conflict. She had two minor characters who popped up only three times in the entire book and lasted for 2-3 pages per appearance. Their existence seemed forced and this left me annoyed and irritated. Then, when she had one character blurt out a secret that could have easily created more depth to her tale, she never brought the subject up again.

Since finishing the book, in 2 hours, I keep thinking, if she had developed the characters and the story more, built the conflict (had conflict), put the character's happiness in jeopardy, it would have made for a really good book. As it stands, it's okay, barely.

I think it is staying with me so well because I realize, I want my writing to be more than okay. I want people to read it and think about it afterward with a completely satisfied feeling. You know the kind of feeling I'm talking about. That warm cozy, hot chocolate by the fire feeling. The kind that makes them see your book in the stores and pick it up with eagerness. They don't even have to read the back cover but race to devour the content. All because they know they can trust you to bring them to that place where the adventure and the ride will be nothing short of complete.

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