Monday, June 4, 2007

All warm and gushy.

Ohhhh, I just love it when I write a scene and think it's good. For me, this is the test. When I return to a passage several different times throughout the day. I'll reread it slowly, savor each word, and each time, my heart melts. Oh, it doesn't get any better. Sigh.

So, what is it for you that makes you know, 'Yes, this will get 'em."


Beth said...

I think it's when I've nailed something--an emotion or an event--or when I've found exactly the right words to show something, or when some truth emerges that I never expected. Those are the best moments.

Carol said...

Hi Beth,
You are so right. There's nothing better than when you discover something that could never have been planned ahead of time. I love those times. This happens for me when I allow the characters to lead the way and I simply observe. Don't you love it when they share?

Hélène B said...

Hi Carol,

Thought I'd pop by :-)

I love it when a scene leaves me with a great taste in my mouth. That mm-hm kinda groove that makes me feel like if I changed ever so much as a word or a comma, the whole scene would fall away and fly off.


Carol said...

Hi Helene,
Okay, I didn't want to say this, but since you did. *grin* That's exactly how I felt, as soon as everything was in place, I felt like I had the most decadent chocolate melting in my mouth. It was perfect.