Thursday, June 21, 2007

Admit it, you do it too.

I was reading over a scene that had been resting. I became so engrossed in the story that as I turned the page, I found myself getting excited to know what was to happen next. Scrolling down, the words ended. Ugh, I was so disappointed. I forgot I was the author and needed to finish the scene. It read so well, I felt as though I was the reader enjoying the story. Mmmm, what a great feeling. I love it when that happens. This helped remind me that I might be onto something.


Hélène B said...

Hi Carol,

I've been feeling that way with my latest. It's pretty action packed and zippy, so writing it is energizing and exhausting at the same time.

Feels good when it reads good, tho' doesn't it?

Carol said...

Hi Helene,
Oh, it's the best. This is what I need to ward off the doldrums. Remind me of that next time, okay? "Go read a scene that you really like." What an energizing feeling.

I don't think I've read any of your work. Are you the kind that shares, or are you stingy? (s)

Hélène B said...

Why write, if not to entertain ourselves? LOL

You probably haven't read any of my stuff since I write kidlit and am part of the private Kid Crit group on Compuserve.

I post snippets on my blog once in a while, but not much.