Friday, May 4, 2007


I really enjoy this new wip. It's moving along well and the story is deepening, but I'm trying to decide how much depth to give it. Do I want it to be light and fast or a bit weightier? There's nothing wrong with it being either way, I just need to decide. Some of the chapters I've completed, I like where they are and think they're fine, but... Maybe I'm giving this too much thought. I should just let the story play out and see where it ends. I can always go back and add more depth to it.


Jane Richardson said...

Or you could go back and cut...but that's not much help, is it? LOL Do you tend to under-write or over-write first time round? I'd guess, play it out as you feel and see what you end up with. You can always fix it later, either way. J x

Carol said...


You're back! How's mum?

As for writing,I think I will underwrite it the first time through and let critters tell me if it needs to be beefed up and where. I think that will be easier than cutting.

Jane Richardson said...

I'm trying to work that way too this time, though it doesn't come naturally to me. But I tend to over-write terribly, and that cost me a lot of extra time with Honesty. I hope I can tighten this time around. Learning all the time, eh? ;) Mum's a little better, thanks. Jx