Sunday, May 20, 2007

Congratulations, Jen!

Congratulations to Jen for finishing her second book, By The Pale Moonlight. It is a YA and quite enjoyable. Her ending explodes with excitment.

Jen answers a few questions posed early in the book, only to leave you irritated with new developments (in a good way). You will hurt for the characters and become so connected to the mc that you will want to reach right into the book and be there for her. All the while, you sense a strength surge up from the mc that she didn't realize she had. The discovery of it takes you back for only a second before you jump in the air, screaming, Yes!

The cruelist act will be for the sequel to not follow immediately to the store shelves.


Jen said...


Awww, thanks! I believe that's the first book review I've ever received of my work. (g) Super cool and such an honor. :) Thanks! Wow..:)


Carol said...
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Carol said...

Hi Jen,
I'll transfer it to in about a year and a half.