Sunday, April 15, 2007

Yes, I am.

At lunch today, I was talking with my sister about the frustration involved with becoming published. My niece looked at me and asked, Aunt Carol, are you an author? *blink* I turned to her and said, "Yes, I am." I looked back at my sister and said, "Just not published." It felt so good to hear my niece's question and better still to give my answer. Your work in print isn't what defines you, it only makes more people aware of it.


Jane Richardson said...

Carol, you're right. A friend summed it up for me when she said 'look, you're a writer whether you like it or not, so you'd better get used to it!' Though I still say 'I write' rather than 'I'm a writer...' crazy, huh?
And can I add to your 'just not published,' the word 'YET!' :)) Jx

Carol said...

Hi Jane,
Sure. That sounds even better. I can't wait until I can take the word "not" out of "just not published". tehehe.

Any news about "Honesty"?

Jane Richardson said...

Nothing yet, Carol, but they've only had it about 10 days and the turnaround is I'm trying to forget about it! :)