Thursday, April 19, 2007

Time for a confession

As I have mentioned before, BBH has been an uphill struggle to write. I have finally given in and placed it on hold for a while. The reason for this is, the entire time I have been writing it, I have had a different story stubbornly forcing itself upon me. I know, you never give in to a demanding child. But, you can also take only so much.

So, I have been secretively writing a new book. I wanted to see if it would pan out before I mentioned anything about it. Since I have reached 6,000 words and know what will happen in future chapters, I think it is safe to say, I'm onto something. I have resisted writing this for the obvious reason that I felt as though I should concentrate on BBH, but also because it is a slightly different genre.

As soon as I get to a place where I have a snippet to share, I'll post it and introduce the latest production. It does have a name, For Mercy's Sake. That should give you a big clue as to the genre. :)


Jane Richardson said...

Go for it. You have to write the book you have to write. Looking back on your previous posts, it sounds like you're a writer who needs her heart to be right in the story for it to work. You might well come back to BBH soon, but if the other one is pushing, then that's where you need to be for now.:) Can't wait to see the snippet when you're ready! Jane x

Carol said...

Hi Jane,
You're right. When I write, I become part of these characters. I guess it would be more accurate to say, I reveal myself through these characters. Either way, I become lost in them and their story as I tell it. I suppose that is true for all writers.

I plan to post the first chapter of the new wip sometime this morning in the crit room. It is a different genre and I'm not completely convinced I've captured the essence of it. I hope you'll take a look.