Friday, April 27, 2007


You know what it's like to work on a scene that has been a fight to get it in order and on track. After many, deletions and rewrites, I have almost made it to the crest. I love that point in writing where you know it is all down hill from here and will be smooth sailing with a possible small hop at the bottom. I can almost see the characters with their hands in the air, screaming, wooooo as we peak. Then that wonderful high as we get to the bottom and race to the next chapter to experience it again. Would this be considered a 'writer's high'? All I know is, it is this feeling that keeps me chipping away at a new scene. Okay, I had to take a minute to share, time to get back on board. We're almost ready for the drop. That's it, hands in the air, here we go, wooooooo!

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