Friday, March 2, 2007

A little rain.

Today, I heard from the agent from October. She has very nicely declined. I know everyone says to not take it personally and to remember that this is an extremely subjective business, and they are right, but...well, you understand. When I first read the item she commented on, I thought, "How am I supposed to fix that?" What it came down to was a matter of personal preference. I do not begrudge her opinion at all, but it's not something I can change. Oh, well. I still have one partial, one full, and a scattering of queries still afloat. So, we'll see what happens.


Delia said...

No accounting for taste, I suppose.

Carol said...

Hi Delia,
(s) Thanks.

Susan Adrian said...

Oh, sorry to hear that, Carol. {HUG}


Carol said...

Hi Susan,
Thanks for the comfort.

Anonymous said...

File it under experience, Carol.

Jane x

Carol said...

Hi Jane,

It's there but that files getting full.