Monday, March 26, 2007

A good sign.

I remember when this happened while writing COF. I get an idea for a scene, which in actuality is a new thread. This thread will run into the next book. So as I see the thread at length, I have to hop back and forth between the two books while hastily jotting ideas for different scenes. This is fun. I know, I'm strange. The thing is, I get excited about this thread, and it's hard to go back and work on those scenes that are lying in the dust, "resting". I don't mind writing ideas and even ordering chapter events in future books, but I have a rule about working on the next book until the current one is finished. It is too tempting to leave the current one behind. I don't want to end up with two unfinished works. Nope, can't do it. Also, if anything changes or becomes enhanced it could completely affect the next book and, you know what that means. Huge edits. Ugh, who wants that if you can avoid it? Anyway, this is always a good sign. I see plot continuity, and I do a happy dance. You aren't looking for me to demonstrate it, are you? Trust me, it isn't pretty.

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