Thursday, February 1, 2007

While we wait...

I thought it might be interesting to address a few of those curious looks that come across non writer's faces when they listen to writers talk.

Yes, it's true. Writers look at their characters as completely separate entities from themselves. (And yes, we are aware they are figments of our imagination. :) )

Also true is the knowledge that a character can and will do and say something that will catch the writer completely by surprise.

Writers also lose control of characters and have to follow/stumble behind them to see where they are going and what they plan to do next.

New characters will pop up and demand equal attention.

And, yes, sometimes we have to deal with attitudes that, if a character isn't careful, could cause an unfortunate occurrence to be met with in their near future.

I reiterate. Yes, we know they are fictitious, but if we don't experience these emotions, how can we get you to experience them, hmm?


Susan Adrian said...


[And yes, we are aware they are figments of our imagination. :)]

Are not. {g}

Carol said...

Shh, I know but we don't want to scare any non writers away. tehehe.